Day 2: #31daydetox

Weekends are a certain routine for me. I do the same regime week-after-week. It doesn’t stray.

Today was going to clearly be a challenge.

No outing to suburbia. No Owl outing to the gourmet pup bakery for new leashes and cookies. No West Elm…. I was staying city-side. What would I would do with the streets of opportunity surrounding me?

Reconnecting was the goal of the detox right? A trip to the cinema sounded like the first good idea in the past 48 hours. $15 movie ticket or a $undisclosed outing to Zara? I’ll take the first. Meeting a friend to catch up on our lives outside of work? Loved this idea.

Seeing the movie Chef was a good idea until I had the sudden urge to go home and bake. How fitting that I needed to go to Crate and Barrel to pick up a wedding present. Danger! Danger! Kitchen Aid mixer utensils, clean and modern cake stands and endless gadgets to help ice my cakes. Nothing is more dangerous to a baker and kitchen collector than the following 2 stores: Williams and Crate. The cash registers start ringing when I walk in the door. I need to steer clear of this setting for the rest of the month.

After a quick distraction with silicone baking mats and realizing that, “No, this was not a necessity and fell into rules described in Detox Pain Management!” WALK AWAY! PUT THE BAKING SHEET DOWN!

I quickly added up what I was planning to spend and thought this might be the game to get me through it. Add up everything I would have bought as a want vs. need and tally it up for the month. Take those savings and put it towards one of my larger goals. Focus on the bakery and blooms shop that has my heart glowing with happiness when I see my favorites enjoying the treats I have crafted.

So here it goes:

Day 1 cost savings: $149.00 Zara jumpsuit

Day 2 cost savings: $30.00 baking book + $32.95 baking mat + $19.95 baking sheet

Lots of love,





Image Courtesy of: personal pinterest board




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