Day 3:#31daydetox

It’s a wrap for the weekend….

And I did not break the rules!

I survived my first detox weekend. It reminds me of a cleanse… But let’s be honest, I cheated hardcore with that situation and vowed to never to do that again. This I actually might stick with.

I just finished packing for LA. I won’t lie when I say this will be the hardest week of August. I tend to “treat” myself on work trips. I ration the fact that it’s different than home base and kind of like a treat-to-myself. The past couple of trips I have been extremely proud of myself as I have only found stationary and home stores to excite my wallet and the little plastic card in it. This trip will be different…but difficult at the same time.

For one… it’s the denim capital next to Japan. If you saw my closet you would understand this. Denim is just not a piece of clothing to me. It’s a piece of art. Many times, I simply buy a piece as a collection piece. It is never meant to be worn. It is simply meant to be displayed. Indigo textiles, pillows and blankets always seem to make the journey home with me. I will walk away this time.

Two… they have the best stationary stores! Nothing makes me happier than sending “love” notes to many of my friends and family members. Washi tapes, greeting cards, maps, desk accessories, I can go on. I see it, I buy it, I wrap it, I love it, I send it. My mantra with paper goods. I strictly did not bring my little boxes I pack them in for this trip. Avoidance.

Three…. Citizens of Humanity Concept Space.  See point 1. Also art space and book cove and amazing textiles. Walk away. Do not pass Go. Do not collect (in this matter SPEND) $200.

I am leaving all emergency funded cards out of my possession. No imaginary money to spend. No assistance to cheat. I am simply going on a work trip for Fall. I will stay focused and to the point. The best part about the whole week will be seeing my twin and Rydee. The best things in life are free! They are full of love and originality and those qualities can’t be bought.

Wish me luck.




Image Courtesy of: Citizens of Humanity Concept Store




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