Day 5: #31daydetox

Oh the trials and tribulations of LA…

Moments of weakness… Moments of “I could cheat and no one would ever know!” Moments of “You’re insane for not buying this!” And moments where my wingmen were encouraging purchases! Not helpful.

First stop: Stella McCartney. AKA: the danger zone. I would like to preface that I do not spend frivolous amounts of money at these stores. So please don’t pass judgement. Many of these pieces are collectors pieces to me and I always use the CPW equation. See previous post. Her fall line had me smiling from the moment it walked down the runway in March. The mannequins were waving, the shop girls were kind and chatty and I was in my element. First try on: denim jumpsuit. Result: epic fail. Silent cheering in my head. Second: the knits! Any of you will know which ones I am talking about. There they were, peacefully hanging in the corner, artfully placed exactly outside the dressing room. I tried them all. My heart skipped a beat each time, the calculations were sending my head in a tailspin. I’m already challenged with numbers so you can imagine my situation with these figures. While I did think of cheating and actually almost did, I knew I would be lying to myself. I also knew how many hours it would take to pay that sweater and pant off. If it’s meant to be it will be there in September.

Certain items have an emotional connection. This post made me think of a certain sweater I have worn endlessly. It was one of my first big investments, but the memories and events attached to it are priceless. The sweater went trough my sister moving to LA, the worst breakup in my life thus far, hurricane Sandy, frigid winters and days when it all seemed too much. It was my security blanket in many ways. Many would have been horrified to see me Cloroxing in a Celine sweater with a face mask. But there I was 13 days straight with that sweater post hurricane. I slept in it, I cleaned in it, I shopped Ikea in it. It was like a warm hug always embracing , days and weeks that followed these events. I was actually terrified of the dry cleaner losing it the day I was brave enough to switch it out.

I didn’t care what people thought, “poor girl in the same sweater!” It got me through. I still choose that sweater on any given day!

So yes, while I am choosing wisely and spending smartly, some items long outlive their price tag. For that, I see my bank account and life account much fuller.

More details to follow,



Image courtesy of: my iPhone at Stella


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