Day 6: #31daydetox

Dear readers,

You may have started to worry that my lack of posting is a result of falling off the detox and running into hiding. Fear not dear ones,  I simply had some app issues on the iPhone and had to rely on pen and paper til I made it back East. With all technology issues resolved, I sit here with progress and truth to post.

Day 6: LA.

Result: Minor details to report.

11:15 AM: minor purchase of birthday cards and Thank You notes from Sugar Paper LA. If anyone is familiar with this little shop, you understand. If you are not, one visit to their website and shop and you’ll be on my team with this fascination. I am also heavy into researching packaging, labeling, boxing, tissues, ribbons and fonts for Owls Bakes, Blooms & Bits. While this does not warrant an excuse to shop, I did purchase name tags for gifting boxes of cookies. Did I cheat? Yes, in a way. Was I mad? I actually felt bad about it. But it wasn’t a free-for-all and that made me proud.

Back on course… sort of.

Shopping throughout the day for work really does relieve some of the want vs. need situation. Many times shopping for details and inspiration makes you look at things closer, try things on for fit and realize why you love it but necessarily don’t need it. My focus was beyond detailed and I needed to cover as much ground as possible. I was on the side of obsessed this trip for inspiration. I had other things to focus on. My head was clear and without noise around me.

4:54 PM: Found a dress for the two Black Tie Weddings I am attending. Yes, I felt beyond guilty. The details are not important. I will say this though. Sometimes when a dress is on sale for 80% off the original, one feels they need to buy it just because. I am not that person. I study the construction, I look at the overall fit, I ask myself why it’s still on a rack and will I wear this more than once? I also calculate needed alterations to see if it even is worth whatever markdown is taking place. Turns out it was a studio sample that was returned and took a final markdown. I will say that this dress was beyond. It was everything I was looking for: It was timeless. Black. Column and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy worthy. My muse for all things style. So will I lie and say I didn’t buy it? No. I am not perfect. And I am not a liar. I also think it’s important to be honest throughout this journey. So yes, I did buy it. I love it. LOVE IT! And you will see that post when September 20th rolls around. Some win the lotto, others win the fashion lotto. This dress is just that.

More to come,




Image Courtesy of: Pinterest


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