Day 7/8: #31daydetox

Thankfully I am back to neutral territory! With a very long travel day, Wi-Fi that was useless on the flight and myself too tired to write about a small window of the day with little activity. Each day warrants its own challenges and triumphs.


One of those days filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. My sister and Rydee came to see us while in LA. While the time was short, the moments were full of laughs, jokes and an endless good time. It was also the day I was heading back East and they were heading back North. Days like these never work for me. I have always been an emotional shopper. Today was going to be a rough one and a challenging one. My heart felt as heavy as the San Francisco fog and the anxiety of getting on a plane in 2 hours was sending me into overdrive. Shopping would be the usual medication for this, but today was different. It was Owl and Rydee’s 7th birthday and I needed to refrain from treating the kids to endless presents. It could have been a day to completely lose focus and mask my emotions with shopping bags and unnecessary purchases. But, I refrained. I set my emotions to the positive of the week and didn’t medicate with retail therapy.


Home! Home! Home! An amazing day of nesting and organizing. I love when I return home from a trip because my favorite place is always my little abode. It’s perfectly curated and always feels new after a few days away. I never want to leave it and find such comfort in baking and wrapping birthday presents for a few friends day-in-history. These are the types of moments that keep me focused and empowered with this detox. This weekend will be spent making new treats, celebrating Owl’s birthday and organizing. And by organizing that means looking at purchases made last month that need to be returned from a state of boredom and not from a need. Prime example: a pair of black skinnies…. no need to say more.

With one week in we are at an overall successful place. I am even more excited for Week 2 of Detox Days.

Until tomorrow,





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