Day 9: #31daydetox

Oh Saturday…. the best part of the week! Whole Foods, Target, dry cleaning and lots of little stops along the way.

Not this weekend.

MasterCard must think my debit card was stolen. I walked out of Target with a whopping $31.27 total. Unheard of!!!! Never in all my years have I ever exited the bulls-eye under $50. Amazing what a list and avoiding aisles you have no business being in can do. Skip the stationary. Don’t even venture in to the Nate Berkus section. And you definitely do not need festive party gadgets from the Oh Joy collection. Hey, I could be the Special Projects Chair for them. I know the layout of any store like the back of my hand. You don’t even want to know about the obsession and measures I took last year for their craft wrapping paper. It was a 6 state collaboration with Fed Ex shipping weekly. I still have 31 rolls. (Yes, this speaks to a bigger problem!) But it’s my signature wrapping which I think everyone should have for gifting.

Next stop: Whole Foods! More amazing progress to report… a Grand Total of $74.34 for my weeks groceries and baking supplies for presents and the bakery. I am really onto something. I strayed from purchasing the fascinating magazines at the checkout. I did not need another Pie, Cake and Crumble issue. I didn’t venture down the baking aisle for “new cake ideas!” And I didn’t get distracted with the stunning color palette of fruits and veggies that would have gone bad in 48 hours with a supple of 6 weeks. Keep focused!

With a Birthday Party in the eve, it would be a standard shopping trip for a new frock or skinny denim. I did not cheat for this occasion and wore one of my many “little black dresses” that I already have layering the closet walls. This was a large win for me today. Unfocused shopping, unnecessary groceries and home needs did not warrant this Shopping Saturday in Suburbia.

Here’s to next weekend with the same success-



tumblr_n9g03oeKP71rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_na1ewlASHE1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_n92wtp8PJB1rsuch2o1_500Images Courtesy of: Pinterest


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